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Lighten Up - It's just a ladder


Lighten Up (decorative) Camper Ladders  are custom hand made to order, with high quality materials, then black powder coat finished. You can get yours made any length you like. 

WARNING: The rest of this "ABOUT PAGE" might be a turn-off, and if so, sorry...

We call our ladders "decorative" because we do not guaranty their ability to do anything whatsoever, or their performance.  We recommend that you use common sense when mounting your ladder. Make sure the wall you mount to is extremely sturdy, and secure it as strong as possible.


Our family has been building products for over 40 years and we have learned that anything (no matter how well made) can be misused, improperly installed, or fallen off of.  If and when this happens do not blame us.

Install and Use your ladder AT YOUR OWN RISK. We assume no responsibility for the product, whatever you secure it to, or anyone who uses this product (for whatever). 




If you have questions, please get in touch so we can better serve you.

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